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Instructions and Explanation

This database contains information on all faculty and staff. If a person has requested that his/her information be withheld, then information about that person will not be displayed.

Information about students will no longer be displayed in the interest of personal safety. Faculty and staff may send E-mail to Directory Information (, if they need such information.

Please fill in First name and Last name. You may enter a partial string if you do not know the exact spelling of first name or last name. You may omit either the first name or the last name. But there should be a total of at least three characters in the two fields. A blank (white space) or period(.) can be used to indicate missing portions of either first name or last name. (Please see the example below).

Please indicate the Status of the person by clicking on any of the five choices. Click the Search button to start the search.

As an example:
First name: jo and Last name: smith will match all names where first name starts with "jo" and last name starts with "smith" like:-

Joseph Smith, John B Smith Jr.
But it will not match
Joan Kelly Goldsmith, Mary Joe Messersmith

Important: If you are unsure of the exact spelling of a name, it is recommended that you use wild-character constructs by inserting a blank (or a period) in place of one or more letters within a name. The wild-character (period or blank) can be used even as the first character if necessary.


  1. While searching for Jon Macffernen and confused about the exact spelling you may enter:
    First name:j n or j.n
    Last name:m c f rn n or m.c.f.rn.n
  2. Searching for Christina Lloyd and unsure where the name begins with Ch or K you may enter:
    First name: ristina (first character blank) or .ristina
    Last name: oyd (first character blank) or .oyd

When a match is found in the database information about each matched person will be displayed in ascending order of last name and first name. The following is a description of the displayed information:

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